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The court address is 100 High Street NE, PO Box 12869, Salem, OR 97309. To avoid coming to court, these are your options which can be done at any time prior to your court date. Call, or visit the court's website if listed above. P.O. The Official Records Search allows you to search the entire Marion County Official Records database for final judgments, land records, and other public documents recorded after January 1975. Information on the Marion County Court System including subjects such as how to file documents, civil and divorce procedures, child support, traffic, Board of County Commissioner Minutes and the county … Marion County Circuit Court. Website:, Staff: Theodore M. Sosin (Judge), Richard Gilroy (Commissioner), Alicia A. Gooden (Commissioner), Lynda Ferro Huppert (Commissioner), Sheryl Lynch (Commissioner). YWQyNmQxZDIxNjI2OTVjZGRmY2Y3YjIwOTljYzNmZTMxODVmMWZmMWRlYjk2 ZGE2NTBhZWExZjFmYTdiNDVhMWM0ZTI0Mzc1ZTM4ZTA0NWZjNjNkNmFlYTBm MWY0NGVmNzkwN2M1M2E3YWYzMzI5YTVkZGZmNzkwMTQ1YzMyNmFmMThmNTQx ZTU4ZjQyMGQ5NTMyYTczYzU2ZTJkZGZiZWY3YzAwZWQ3NDQ3NTEwODI4MWE0 View Marion Superior Court Locations with Daily Slates. MzUxMjM4ZWQ1MTNhNzk5YzczYTQ4NTNjZTZlZmI4MzFiNmY1NmY1OTQ3YTQy To reach the Marion Circuit Court by phone, please call (317) 327-4012. The county seat is Fairmont. County Events. Salem, OR 97309. The mission of this website is to provide the Citizens of Marion County helpful online information about the Clerk’s Office and its services. YmFkNjkzODdkYjUwYjJjNmU2YzIwNzRhZWM1ODQyM2ViMjJlZGQyYTA4ZmVh Fax: (352) 401-6760. ZTkwMzZiMmFlM2I3NGRlYjJhZDBhM2M5MTU0NzQ3M2U5NDM3NjEyN2EzNDIx YmM1N2RhNDUwODljZGJkOGJhM2UyZjc3OWMwYWI2MjRmZmZkMzI5OTAzMDEz eyJtZXNzYWdlIjoiMDg0OWFhZDY1OGI5ODc5ZDgyYzBkOGU5NmU2OTYxMjU1 Sheryl Lynch; Former judges. ZDViM2IxNWQxNzA2NjQ5N2E5MGYwYmVkYjRmYmJkNzhlMDc2ZGYzMjQwZGY2 Due to COVID-19 threat, the Marion County Circuit Court and the Marion County Juvenile Court are currently operating under Level 2 restrictions as defined in PJO#20-14 and PJO#20-15. Marion County Prosecutor IV-D Paternity Establishment and Child Support Enforcement cases are being conducted remotely by video hearing. Fax: 317-327-4473 Marion County Circuit Clerk Circuit Clerk Rhonda Starn Business Hours Monday Friday 8 30 am to 4 30 pm Office Location 219 Adam Street, Room 211 Fairmont, WV 26554 E mail rhonda.starn courtswv. The office also receives nominations and petitions for elections, as well as prepares ballots, maintains voting machines, and recruits and trains seasonal poll workers. ZGZiZjQ1YTZkOTVhYzVjMjU5NThlZjAwN2VjMDBiYTU2MDgxZWQ3N2MxMGQ1 MmZlM2M4MTFlYWI3NTUxMDA3NjQ2NDU5MGFlMzg3N2VkNTdiNmE1NWI5NzY2 General Sessions Court Judge. The court address is 121 North Spalding Avenue, Lebanon, KY 40033. Hon. The mission of the Circuit Clerks Office is to diligently serve the citizens of Marion County, Alabama with professional and courteous service to obtain customer satisfaction. Is any of the above incorrect? Juvenile Court Judge. All other townships are handled by Circuit Clerk District 1. Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. The Circuit Clerk for District 2 handles all court filings, court hearing and proceedings for civil, criminal and probate matters in the Miller and Mason Townships in Marion County. The phone number for Marion County Circuit Court is 503-588-5105 and the fax number is 503-373-4360. Search Toggle Submenu. Marion County Circuit Court is located in Marion county in Kentucky. MWZlN2FiNjNhNTk4ZjAwYmMwZmMxNzJhYjg1YmMyZTM4ZjM2ZTVhOTgxOTBi Y2FlMGIwNzIyM2VlNmJjMzgzNDk4MGE5YjcyNjAyODJmZWY1ZTQ5M2U3ZjY3 Marion County. Circuit Court Marion County is the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit. marion county justice court is reopening may 22, 2020 We are also practicing Safe Social Distancing to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Victim Assistance. Clerk's Biography. Let us know here, Marion County Superior Court Civil Criminal and Probate Divisions200 East Washington Street, #T-12210.0 mile away, Center Township Small Claims Court200 East Washington Street, #G50.0 mile away, Indiana Court of Appeals115 W. Washington Street, Suite 12700.3 mile away, © 2021 Everything-Bytes | Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Marion County. OTAxODkzOGUyMDczMDI5YjViNDZmN2ZjY2ZlZDljZTBkZDc1ZjNjODdhMmU1 MTk4ZjIyY2ZjOGQ3MWVlOTBkNDkyYmJjZWY1NThjYmZiMzgzZmM0MWZhNWI5 A cornerstone from the 1906 Marion County Courthouse on the square in downtown Ocala was included in the 1991 addition. A user id and password is required. NTg0ZTljMGI3YmZhMTlmMDRjYjdmZTAyOTc0ZWJiZWRjMjZjZWZhYmFjOGM3 Justice Court Juvenile Services. ZTc2ZWVkNjM1ZjZkOTE0YjJiYzJlNWViNDJkYzYyYWRlYzEyOTVkMzI0YjI2 Recycling & Waste Management. Administrative Judge for Family Court (circuit-wide) Assistant: Maria Berrios. Map. Contact. Mailing Address for All Locations. Circuit Civil Forms. Box 385 300 E. Old Main St. Yellville, AR 72687 Phone: 870-449-6226 Fax: 870-449-4979 Email: MARION COUNTY REOPENED OFFICE BUILDINGS TO PUBLIC MjNiNzUxYjQwOGNmZjJlYzBlZDc0N2U1NDU4NTAyMjljODYzMTVmNGNjY2Jj Court System Type: All civil cases at law over $300., Civil cases in equity., Proceedings in habeas corpus., Felonies and misdemeanors, Proceedings in quo warranto., Prohibition and certiorari cases., Appeals from magistrate court, municipal court, and administrative agenc. NWMzNjk4MjNkYmEzYzM4ZTZkMmRhNWMzN2Q1MTFlYTVhNDI0N2QwZGQ0OWVl Marshall A. Raines, Jr. 423 942 2134. Clerk of Court Toggle Submenu. ZWQ2ODc0YjlhOTY1YTBjMmJjMjQ0YTBjNjgxMzMzM2JiOTNlZWYyYTFmNWFm Eviction Forms. Public Safety. Jay Blevins 423 942 9444. Ocala/Marion County. OTk4M2IzMTViMzMwYzNkZGNiZjIxYTllNGY2ZTliNDYwMmIyNGM3NDhiMTNi YWFkZWY1OWE1YTk3MDEwNjZkMDI3NWI3ZTJiZGM5MTBhNzc2ZDQ3MzRlZDFj The Fifth Judicial Circuit operates under the leadership of Chief Judge Daniel B. Merritt, Jr. and Jonathan Lin, Trial Court Administrator. ZjZiODVjNmQ5MmFiZjFhOWRiOTk4NWYyODIyODE2MzY4Y2EzY2U5MTJlMDA1 Veteran Services. View the Magistrate/Commissioner schedule (effective January 1, 2021). The following Judges preside over the Marion County Youth Court: MDY0NWJmNGI1MmJhOGI2MzU1Y2E0Yjg5OGJhZjhlYTRkMDU2M2EyZjJiYjg1 Generated by Wordfence at Sun, 17 Jan 2021 15:01:17 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. NDc3OWZhYTM4MzBjNGM4MTk2YTAwZTA0OWRjYTBjZWQ5MzBjNTI5NWU2ZmY2 The displayed information is not the official ORS 7.020 register record, and, therefore, should not be relied upon as an official record of the court. ODQ0MGFhZmJlYjUxZTkyZGRjNjFiOTZmMmY5ZDk0NmU3NDJhOWIwOWFhMTQ3 ZGE2MDVhMjU3NzMwZjY0YjdjMTUwMWZiZjU0YmEzZDhjMzFjNjlmMjlhZmU1 Dawn Moffet, Circuit-County Clerk P.O. Marion County Circuit Court Clerk Website. Marion County Criminal Court Annex 4000 Aumsville Highway SE. -----BEGIN REPORT----- Visit our Links Page for websites providing Employment Listings, as well as US Government holiday closings. It is a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of Illinois State government. 200 East Washington Street, #W-506, Indianapolis, IN 46204. OGVjMWVhNGJkODgyNjIwNjFjOTE3NDgzZTM5YzE3YThlM2VkY2Y2NjZmZjJj Y2IxMDcwNzU1OGY1MjcyOGM5NWYxODVmOTY4YjFjZmM2MzA3ODVkOTZkZjQw Marianne L. Vorhees, Judge Timothy R. Hollems, Commissioner 100 W. Washington Street Muncie, IN 47305 Fa Pho: (765) 747-7780 Fax: (765) 741-5792. ... Marion County Government and Associated Cities. The county is also served by a superior court, a small claims court and a municipal court. ... citizens and companies that conduct business with the Marion County Clerk's Office need certain forms and documents. ZDBhYjg0YzdhMDA1OGRhNDc2NDRiY2E5MDQwNDUyMzA1MmJlNWUwYWM2Nzgx Libraries in Marion County. The Indiana trial court system consists of Circuit Courts, Superior Courts, City and Town Courts, Tax Court, Marion County Small Claims Courts, and St. Joseph County Probate Court.For more information on which types of cases each court oversees, compare Indiana courts. NGUxZmM0NDJjYzE2ODA2YmFmZWI4Y2M2YjMxODFmZTNmYWRkMDI1MTMzMjA3 The Circuit Clerk’s office is committed to serving the citizens of Marion County and all participants in the judicial system in a timely, efficient, and competent manner. All online access to court records is governed under the provisions set forth in Florida AOSC 16-107. About the Court > MGE2MzQwY2MzZjJjZWZlYWM1NGI2YjRkMjllOTJjNzQyMmZkNDRiY2E2NTY3 MWRkZGY3ZGYwMmUxZTQxIn0= The Marion County Circuit Court serves the people of Marion County. ZWI2Y2IwOWMzYTFjMjgxZTlkYzcyMTA5ZWNjM2E0NzA2OWY1N2NhMjQxM2Fm YzVmMTVkNzdlNjNmNWVhMzc4MTZiYzI1ZDlhYTU1NWNjMGQ0ODQ4NGYwM2Fk YzBlMGVlYjY0YjQ4NTAyMmRlYjhmMDlmM2Y4MzJlYTRjNTE5ZGJlOGViNjYy Youth Court Marion County Chancery Court 250 Broad Street, Suite 2 Columbia, MS 39729 Phone: 601-736-2220 Fax: 601-736-4166. 423 942 2552 |1 COURTHOUSE SQUARE PO BOX 789 | … ZGQzZjJjNWQxNThjNjAwZDUyY2I2NTk1MzkzZmE5NWY3ZGU4NzZjZGY2ZmNm The Circuit Civil Division handles civil actions in which the damages being sought or the matter in controversy is $30,000.01 and above. OWNmMDYwMmE1NDhiZmMwMGFlYTNiNDhlOWIzYzE4YTJiODcyNmU0NjE5Zjc4 Zjk3ZDZlYmFkNzhkYTkwYjQ3OTJlZTEyYzU0ZDJkYjQ1ODYyYjhjOWZiYmM1 N2QwZjdmMWEzZmViOTEzMzNiYTA4NzA5ZjNlNzllZWE2ODQyNmQ4MThkOWYy *Please call to verify. MjcxYmY4NTkxMjBjNGNiMzllZjRjNjNlMDgwZDIxZDFjYjc1NTQ2YjY5ZmQ3 The Oregon Judicial Department is pleased to provide free online access to limited case information in the circuit courts and Tax Court of this state. View Additional Information. The Marion County Circuit Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining all records of the district and circuit courts of Marion County including circuit criminal cases, divorce, child custody juvenile and other domestic cases; land disputes, felony, misdemeanors and traffic cases, forcible detainers, name changes, garnishments and appeals.
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